Welcome to the

E.P.L. High IQ Society



"Smarter than Mensa"?

Maybe, maybe not..

But definitely for those of us who consume media with a brow higher than most.

The goal of E.P.L. is to bring together the greatest minds

and to create a positive & engaging environment for discussion, debate, & enlightenment.



All prospective membership will be vetted.  Membership is open to those who possess an IQ score at or above the 98th percentile

Prospective candidates can join using certified IQ test scores from several online IQ tests, or by submitting evidence of
qualifying IQ scores  130 sd 15 (132 sd 16) from prior intelligence tests within our approved list of accepted IQ tests.  


Lifetime membership, with certification, is only $13.00 USD


Our main meeting space is in our members only, 'closed' Facebook group page.   Forums are coming soon.




Contact us @


'Ethos Pathos Logos' is an internet based virtual high IQ society.  Membership is exclusive. 
E.P.L. High IQ Society is registered with the World Genius Directory (www.psiq.org);
E.P.L. High IQ Society was created and run by Dr. Thom Devine, D.M.; creator of SIQS.org (thom@siqs.org).  
Both organizations are, and will remain in perpetuity, mutually exclusive.  

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